About Family Aids Initiative Response

Our mission extends beyond the Charity and into the communities that we serve.

Family AIDS Initiative Response (FAIR) is an organization that addresses the enormous challenges faced by millions of African children who have either been orphaned by AIDS or live with parents who are sick or dying from AIDS-related illnesses

FAIR begun way back in 1992 as a pastoral initiative by a small Christian community at St. Augustine’s Catholic Parish, Bahati in Nakuru District. It began as a courageous Christian response to the immediate support provided by the church and community to the first group of people who became HIV positive. 

FAIR implements differentiated service delivery models to provide a client-centered approach that simplifies and adopts HIV services across the cascade to reflect the preferences and expectations of FSW. As part of this,

Meet our team

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Fr. Joseph Ogola

Program Manager

Margrate Ondieki

Project Accountant

Samuel Waithaka

Project Coordinator

Janet Arusei

M & E Officer

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